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The Grey Lodge Pub is a friendly pub located at 6235 Frankford Avenue (directions) in Northeast Philadelphia. We are not the typical Northeast Philly bar, but then again we aren't the typical anything.

Thanks to our great customers, we are one of Philadelphia's best beer bars (honestly - Beer Advocate ranks us as one of the top 50 beer bars in the USA),, featuring a constantly rotating selection of mostly local microbrews on draft. All of our beers are hand-tapped; we do not use our feet or any other body parts in the tapping of kegs. 

We take our food as seriously as we do beer. Our french fries were named Best of Philly by Philadelphia Magazine.

Thanks to our customers, we are not just a great beer bar, but also just a great bar period; Esquire Magazine named us one of "America's Best Bars". We have multiple dart boards with free electronic scoring, and lots of other fun things to do. Every year we spend the $15 for an amusement permit so badger dancing is permitted.

We have those cool plastic gift cards too!

About Us

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The Grey Lodge Pub has two floors; each has a somewhat different personality. Both have the same great draft beer selection. Both feature great food. Both have great (but differing) whiskey selections. But each floor has a somewhat different vibe.

Our First Floor
Many years and several names ago, we first opened for business during the Labor Day Weekend of 1950. The first floor still has some of that 1950s feel. The large oval bar encourages friendly conversation.Back in the early days as The Grey Lodge Pub, we didn't have any capital for flashy stuff (or even a decent floor) so we concentrated on doing the little things that make great bars great. We have a great jukebox and many fun things to do such as darts and video games. We have several large flatscreen TVs for watching sports. We get screwed monthly by Comcast to bring you Phillies and Flyers games. We also have a great beer selection; did we mention the beer?

Scoats knew that things were going to work out after the first floor restrooms project. We have constantly reinvested in our physical plant. We even have a decent floor now, which was inspired by tile floors in New Orleans, LA.

The first floor is a friendly place where people of all ages and from all walks of life can hang out together having a good time. Where strangers can become friends, which is illustrated by Paul Coff's poem for the late Herb Brown. It's a great vibe and we do our best not to mess it up.

Our first floor is open 7 days a week from 10am to 2am.

Our Second Floor
Our second floor dining room opened February 2005, the same day as our kitchen. Our second floor is a little more refined than our first floor and tends to be quieter. It is very family friendly, we even have high chairs, and a children's menu.

Our second floor features a small bar. The walnut bar top was originally from the Chestnut Hill Hotel. Most of the seating is at tables, which can easily be pushed together to accommodate larger parties.

More intimate than our first floor, it is a good place for a date night, whether with a new friend or with your longtime spouse.

Our second floor is open Tuesday through Sunday at 5pm.

Local Art
We display works from local artists on our walls. Currently on our second floor, we have work from Jane Keit and others.

Past artists have included photographer Eric Peters, photographer Christopher Kadish, pencil illustrator Jessica Rodgers, A Square Deal, and painter Ana Vizcarra.

If you are an artist who would like to display your work, just let us know.

Please e-mail Scoats (scoats at greylodge dot com) with any news, comments, beer or whiskey requests, and/or cool links.

Salespeople: Scoats has open office hours almost every Tuesday from 3pm to 7pm. No appointment needed. Please click here to check if he will be on a specific Tuesday.

The Grey Lodge Pub is not a music venue.

One of the Best Bars in America - Esquire Magazine