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Friday the Firkinteenth

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Friday the Firkinteenth is our most famous event. Every Friday the 13th since February 1998, we have tapped a bunch of cask ale. This event grew into quite a monster. There have even been several videos made about the Firkinteenth.

Many people consider Friday the Firkinteen their favorite Philadelphia beer event. Friday the Firkinteenth won "Best Beer Event" from Philly Beer Scene twice. A (hopefully) interesting bit of trivia, this is probably the only beer event in the world whose frequency and timing are completely at the mercy of the calendar.

We expect to have 26 assorted firkins and pins for this one. As usual, the Day Session will run from noon to 6pm; the Night Session from 6pm to midnight. As always, no cover charge. Come and go as you like. Stay as long as you like. If you want to take the day off and enjoy a day of cask ale, we've got you covered. If you want to work all day and have an evening of cask ale, we have you covered too.

Like pretty much every Grey Lodge event, Friday the Firkinteenth is pay as you go. No tickets, no cover charge.

Friday the Firkinteenth #35 - 13 October 2017

Updated: Thu, 14 Sept 2017

Fat Heads TBA
Free Will Cloudy with a Chance of Charcuterie IPA
Manayunk Wet Dreamin' Wet Hopped IPA with Scoats grown/Scoats picked hops
Neshaminy Creek Jawn with Blackberry
River Horse Hipp o'Lantern with something creative PIN
Rivertowne Hop Stop - Classic Pale Ale brewed with wet hops from 3 sources: Centennial from Hop Stop farms in Sandy Lake, PA. Hops of unknown origin from our friend Don Johnson in Scottdale, PA, and finally their own home grown Centennial and Columbus hops. Earthy, Green and perfect for harvest season. 6%ABV

Cape May Oktoberfest
Dock Street Bean2Bean Espresso Stout
Naked Peachy Sour Saison
River Horse Hipp o'Lantern with oak chips and vanillia PIN
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Session to be Determined
Copper Tail strawberry rhubarb Berliner
Duck Rabbit Porter with magic
Flying Dog TBA
Great Lakes Eddie's Surprise
Green Flash Treasure Chest with passion fruit tea, with double the dry hopping
Hijinx TBA
Singlecut TBA
Sly Fox 360
St. Boniface Chocolate Porter
Three Heads Giant Panda Imperial IPA with trix
Weyerbacher TBA
Yards Rival IPA
and more!

As usual, We will be stocking up on 8oz glasses so you can safely try several of these great beers. Also, as usual, there will be pitchers of water all over.

Events like Groundhog Day and Friday the Firkinteenth are too hectic for us run tabs or accept credit cards. On rare days like those we are cash only.

Kick a Firkin, Get a Shirt

If you kick a firkin, we'll give you a free, extremely limited-edition T-shirt. We switch up the design and color for each Firkinteenth.

Ringing the Bell

When a firkin kicks, we ring a bell, which means an angel gets his wings. At the last Firkinteenth, 25 angels got their wings. You may be thinking "sure an angel gets his wings but what do we get?" Whoever buys the beer that kicks a firkin gets a free I Kicked the Firkin t-shirt. These are the usual type of t-shirts that have holes for neck and arms but no holes for wings, so angels will just have to be happy with wings. These shirts are custom made for each Firkinteenth and are not for sale. You have to kick a firkin to get one.

Friday the Firkinteenth Videos

Jimmy Craic Head TV, July 2007

Here for the Beer, November 2009

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