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Groundhog Day
Hawaiian Shirt Beer Breakfast
& Lucky Cat Beer Prognostication

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We Pennsylvanians believe very strongly in rodent based weather forecasting. We at the Grey Lodge respect our state's long and wonderfully weird tradition, so we assemble every Groundhog Day at 7am to catch Punxsutawney Phil's prognostication.

We started our Groudhog Day Beer Breakfast back in 2002; it has become one of our iconic events. The Groundhog Day Hawaiian Shirt Beer Breakfast and Lucky Cat Beer Prognostication is probably the stupitest event that we do at The Grey Lodge, and we set the bar on stupit pretty high (or should that be low?), so don't miss it.

Groundhog Day Beer Breakfast

To chase away the mid-winter blues, we wear our best/worst Hawaiian shirts and have beer for breakfast on Groundhog Day, which is always February 2nd. We feature some very special beers, some of which we have aged for a year or sometimes three. And our kitchen always comes up with some tasty breakfast selections.

Once Phil has made his prognostication, we continue the fun with zany events every hour, including Wissinoming Winnie's Beer Prognostication, a Hawaiian Shirt Contest, a Hula Hoop Contest, the Yards Dance Off and more.

Groundhog Day Video from Drink Philly

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Last update: Wednesday, 01 February 2017.

2017 Groundhog Day Beer Selections

2017 Breakfast Menu

Stocks Pound Cake French Toast - marble pound-cake from Stock's Bakery coated in French toast batter, topped with Manayunk French Toast Crunch syrup, and served with a side of bacon $8

Honolulu breakfast - grilled Spam, crispy potatoes, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese $8

Shrimp and Polenta - white cheddar polenta topped with warm bruschetta and grilled shrimp $8

Lodge Breakfast Panini - fried salami scrambled eggs house cheese steak and roasted pepper aioli on a grilled bun $8

Barman's Breakfast - 3 fried eggs served over home fries paired with a side of pork roll and Scrapple $11

Country Fried Steak Platter - fried pork served with sausage gravy over home fries $8

Bacon, Egg and Cheese - 3 scrambled eggs served with your choice of meat and cheese $7

2017 Groundhog Day Schedule of Events

07am Punxsutawney Phil's Weather Prognostication

Our doors will open at 7am, the earliest we are allowed to open by law. We open at 7am because Punxsutawney Phil does his prognostication at 7:20am, and we can't miss that; that's the whole point of Groundhog Day!

We will have our large-screen, high-def TVs tuned to PCN, ready for Phil's pronouncement. We'll have loads of noisemakers to greet Phil's appearance.

Fuel up for the morning ahead with something from our special breakfast menu.

08am Troegs Hawaiian Shirt Contest

The Hawaiian Shirt contest is an annual Groundhog Day tradition.

Wear your best (worst) Hawaiian shirt.

Troegs will have prizes for the best (worst) ones. Best/worst - same difference.

Start hitting thrift stores now!... you've got a prize to win!

09am TBA Flying Fish Goldfish Eating Contest

Whoever can put the most goldfish in their mouth at one time, without chewing, wins a swell prize from Flying Fish.

10am Sly Fox Hula Hoop Contest & Weyerbacher Crossword Challenge

Continuing with the Hawaiian theme, Sly Fox will have a hula hoop contest. Prizes for the best and most enthusiastic hoopers. This is always a fun one.

Also during the 10 o'clock hour, compete for prizes in the Weyerbacher Crossword Challenge. Prizes for the fastest solutions.

11am Puppet Show

We will be teaming up with Sly Fox, Troegs, and Yards for a special Groundhog Day themed puppet show. This may be first puppet related beer event ever.

12pm Yards Dance Off

Yards Brewing Company invites us to shake your money maker for prizes! This year Yards wants to know how low you can go with a Limbo contest. You can still shake your money maker if you'd like.

01pm Lucky Cat Day Seasonal Beer Prognostication

Like Punxsutawney Phil, the Grey Lodge's Wissinoming Winnie is a prognosticator. Unlike Phil who prognosticates weather, Winnie prognosticates beer.

Every February 2nd, with the help of her Inner Circle, Winnie determines if there will be 6 more weeks of winter beers or if the spring seasonals will arrive early. Winnie's Inner Circle is comprised of her hand picked (paw picked?) menagerie of local beer folks.

After the Prognostication, it's time to go home for a well deserved nap. Or have some lunch and stay a spell filling up on aged beers, we'll be here til 2am.

Beads: There are very few right times to wear beads. There's Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but only during Mardi Gras. Any other time and the locals think you're a douche. Groundhog Day at The Grey Lodge is also on the bead appropriate list. If you've been to New Orleans, you've probably bought some cool beads at a souvenir shop (I did), but you were too cool to wear them if it wasn't Mardi Gras. Well this is an appropriate time to break them out.

Events like Groundhog Day and Friday the Firkinteenth are too hectic for us run tabs or accept credit cards. On rare days like those we are cash only.

Groundhog Day is a great day to take public transportation or Uber to the Grey Lodge.

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